Rent A Light

Norlux offers, as the only supplier in the lighting market, a special designed leasing concept for lighting products.

Together with Ikano bank we make the way to a modern and energy efficient lighting easier and more predictable.

We have seen that our customers and the B2B market in general seeks to protect their equity in a greater extent than earlier, and rather use leasing as a procurement concept on inventory and equipment.

Norlux Rent a Light is a service that gives our customers the following benefits:

  • Up to 100% financing

  • Frees operating capital to be used in other areas

  • Faster tax entry of investment expenses

  • Tax deductions are larger for leasing than for loans, because the total depreciation with loan finance is lower than the total rental costs in the lease period

  • No advance payment of VAT on the date of acquisition

  • Does not tie up the company’s other collateral options, because we normally only take collatoral in the equipment

  • Financial spread

  • Simple budgeting and accounting, since the lease is expensed completely.

  • Improved liquidity. Costs are distributed over the period the equipment is used and are generating earnings

  • Flexibility. Leasing payments can be adapted to earnings, allowing for seasonal fluctuations

  • Write-down of the equipment in line with loss of equipment value

  • Enables outdated equipment to be regularly replaced with up-to-date, efficient equipment

  • Full right of use of the equipment. It is the right of use, not the ownership, that creates the basis for income and profits

  • Better ratio on the balance sheet, because the leasing objects are not normally capitalised in the accounts

  • Opportunities for joint operation with several farmers entering a joint leasing agreement (agriculture)

By using Norlux LED lighting products the payback time for the investment will be approx. 2,5 years. The monthly savings are higher than the monthly rental payment. This means that the customer gets a net profit from day 1 and after the rental period of 60 months the rental amount will be the increased net profits

Please contact us at or call Leif Roger Budeng-Larsen if you have questions regarding Rent A Light, phone: 99 20 23 74