Headquarter Borgeskogen (Vestfold)

Our premises are designed, decorated and illuminated with the perspective to be a center for light where you through your own eyes can experience how different fittings, different light sources, various reflectors and the mix of these affects the experience of the premises and the products we have exhibition here.

Showroom Skøyen (Oslo)

We strive for achieving an understanding of how various permutations and combinations of light affects the customer experience and subsequent decisions made by the customer. We explain photometric terms such lux, lumen, color temperature by showing the consequences of varying these parameters. The showroom offers a vast mix of different luminaires both for retail and HORECA installations.

Office Göteborg

The products exhibited in our premises shows a cross section of our total product range for use in various types of installations such as shop, lounges, restaurants, hotels, warehouses and offices.


We are well accustomed to express demands from all our customers and “turn around” very quickly to satisfy customer expectations.

Speed, efficiency and accuracy, three words describing the Norlux logistic center. Our logistics center situated 100 kilometer southwest of Oslo is 3.000 square meters and is set up to serve our customers in a best possible way. We carry a large stock of all the various components necessary to meet all foreseen and unforeseen happenings to occur in a project oriented market. We probably have the largest stock of electrical tracks, luminaires and light bulbs within the Nordic region. We are well accustomed to express demands from all our customers and “turn around” very quickly to satisfy customer expectations.

Our logistics center handles more than 15.000 orders annually and we keep especially defined “back up” products for the various project organizations at our chain store customers. We have very efficient web options in place in order to serve our customers buying light bulbs from us. Orders placed with us before noon are normally shipped the same day – top-notch products at very reasonable prices.


Concept development

Based on our long and vast experience from various parts of the lighting business we are a very good sparring partner for concept development. Our employees have a unique experience and expertise in both technology and design. We combine our knowledge in consumer behavior, knowledge of how light affects human behavior and decision making with our customers ideas about how they want to be perceived in the market. Our expertise helps our customers in the best possible way to achieve what they had planned for, a market oriented and economically efficient concept.


Project management

Our project team design both the lighting design, including energy consumption analysis and complete plans for the electrical system in the project. We provide detailed installation instruction to for use when installing the individual project. We have solid and diverse experience from most types of projects, retail, offices, hotels, restaurants and industrial sites. This enables us to integrate the best possible lighting concepts, with energy efficient luminaires that also are efficient in terms of installation cost and maintenance cost. We follow the project through all the phases, from our first contact, the offer, the order, the delivery, the installation and the final adjustment of the luminaires to a ready installed project, ready to present to the public. By using our total expertise you avoid the many pitfalls that can- and will occur in a project.


Light calculation

With a generally increased focus on energy consumption and more environmentally aware public it becomes increasingly important to have solid knowledge about how to integrate light design in to this way of thinking. How to use available technology to achieve the desired result is the key issue!

We have all necessary data for all our luminaires to make relevant light calculations with Relux and Dialux software programs. These tools enables us to demonstrate how various light designs and number of luminaires provides the placing of- and the total amount of light in a premises. We can calculate and demonstrate how various designs will provide different results, and how various installation heights will influence the total energy consumption and the perception of the premises.These calculations are very useful tools for designers to work with, securing that the concept definitions will be fulfilled in the ready installed project. Thereby we avoid extra cost for extra luminaires in the final phase of the project, or even worse after the project has been presented to the public.